About Getting There Groundworks

GTG groundworks is a well-established business throughout the UK, providing durable and aesthetically pleasing driveways, roads, car parks, cycle lanes, playgrounds, motorways / dual carriageways, A & B roads, hard stands, access ramps, potholes & patching and so on. No matter how big or small the job GTG can boast excellent customer services. The company promises the highest quality of workmanship every time to ensure that the project runs smoothly from start to finish.

The company was established on social economic and environmental morals and these morals also define the values of GTG Groundworks. GTG never sub-contracts the work which means that all work will be done by the company itself.

A comprehensive and tailored package is provided which may suit the needs of the clients. Hence consistently high standards of work are achieved. In order to eliminate pollution, the company is always engaged in lowering its carbon footprint.

Work Ethics

GTG has high standards of work. All team members passionately believe in what they do. Assignments are completed with the utmost care, accuracy and speed. Emphasis is always laid on working to the best of our ability.

GTG always bears in mind that its values and standards are not sacrificed for the sake of short-term gains. In fact, the company takes care of its workers, clients and the society at large. Our ethical goal is to work appropriately. In the long run, this may prove as the primary road to our personal and organisational success. It is the work that we perform every day which defines our quality standards and ethics. We strive to improve ourselves with every new project.

Quality Standards & Environmental Policy

Getting There Groundwork’s Ltd is a team of dedicated, self-motivated and creative people. The company owes to provide quality products and services which might ultimately satisfy the needs and expectations of the customer. People working for GTG are united in a rewarding and healthy environment where there is a lot of scope for improvement. The main motive of the company is to set economic, social and environmental standards which may sustain for a long time.

GTG believes in an unwavering approach to quality and sustainable development and this is the underlying theme of the organisation. In fact, quality is the heart of everything that the company does. Today the market is volatile, and clients are of diverse ranges who wish to fulfil their demands with a limited set of resources. The quality objectives of GTG are re-evaluated continuously and the company endeavours to sustain a very dynamic sense of quality.

GTG follows the guidelines, environmental laws, specifications and standards defined by the United Kingdom government. In fact, GTG is completely committed to following the UK government as the company believes that compliance with the government issued rules and regulations might help incorporate the sustainability of the company.

How The Work is Managed

A distinct array of participants and stakeholders are involved in a construction project right from its inception till its completion. GTG Groundworks as a road paving contractor holds a key responsibility in facilitating and coordinating the interactions between different parties, so as to ensure the successful progression of the project until it is completed with perfection.

There is involvement of amalgamation of parties and processes involved. It may begin from design and planning stages to mobilisation, material supply and finally the construction and commissioning phase of the project. With the combined efforts of engineers, workmen, foremen and suppliers, GTG Groundworks strives to provide the desired product according to the budget specified by the client and the company strictly adheres to project-specific conditions and quality objectives.