Pavers, Tarmacing & Landscaping Services in Lancaster

GTG Groundworks are a well-established road paving contractor in Lancaster who specialise in providing motorway / dual carriageways, A & B roads, private tarmac driveways, car parks, cycle lanes, playgrounds, access ramps, road pothole repair and so much more. Our team of paving contractors work closely with you on all elements of design and implementation, ensuring that the work is completed to the correct specifications. We provide the highest quality workmanship and are always striving to improve ourselves on every project we undertake. No matter the scale of the job, GTG Groundworks are committed to getting the work done on time and within the budget.

Tarmac & Paving Services in Lancaster

We employ experienced, skilled tarmac paving contractors in Lancaster. GTG Groundworks prioritise on-site safety, so only our highly experienced staff are permitted to operate our machines. We only employ licensed operators and our projects are always fully insured. Our team of paving contractors in Lancaster always comply with the European standards for asphalt concrete, so you can be assured that you are getting the best-quality material.

The benefits of having a surface paved with asphalt include the smooth ride it offers drivers, making road use more enjoyable and safer. Asphalt is easy to maintain, only requiring periodic maintenance check-ups by our expert team of contractors specialising in tarmacking in Lancaster. It is cost-effective, reducing the wear and tear of vehicles, and thus bringing down the cost of repairs and increasing a vehicle’s lifespan by 25%.

Asphalt is used for a number of applications from heavy duty pavements to car parks, driveways and cycle lanes. Paving concrete can be defined as dense medium or an open-graded blend of crushed rock fines, mineral aggregate and bitumen. The mix is strengthened by its aggregate base and can be categorised into three groups: base course, binder course and surface course. The chosen thickness is based on projected traffic levels.

Landscaping in Lancaster

At GTG Groundworks, we begin the landscape design process with a personal consultation. Customer service is at the forefront of everything we do, so we always discuss your personal needs and requirements before we begin any project. Everything from your choice of plants to how much time you would like to spend maintaining your garden and landscaping options is considered; you’re included every step of the way to ensure the design is the perfect one for you.

Our services for landscaping in Lancaster are planned around your business / lifestyle. GTG Groundworks work closely with certified architects and landscaping professionals to ensure the work is planned down to the very last detail, with nothing left to chance. Our qualified staff possess a unique blend of talents that ensure the completion of every job with exceptional results. We employ environmentally sound methods, and our selection of shrubs, trees, grasses and plants ensure the longevity of your investment. No matter what the scale of the job, we aim to bring you the best in landscaping design and functionality.

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If you would like to know more about our tarmac paving contractor services in Lancaster, or require landscaping, please don’t hesitate to call our Lancaster office. You can book a free, no obligation consultation on 01524 587 620. Alternatively, you can submit your enquiry using our online contact form.