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Unique Landscape Designs

Our landscape designers

We begin the landscape design process with a personal consultation at your home to identify the unique features and specific challenges of your property. We discuss your personal need, plant choices and how much time you would like to spend maintaining your garden and landscaping options. Then we blend our experience with your ideas and create a unique master plan for home that compliments your lifestyle.

Our Landscaping Services

GTG Groundworks offers maintenance plans specifically designed to complement your business or personal lifestyle.

• Weekly lawn maintenance
• Bed edging
• Aeration
• Scalping
• Overseeding
• Dethatching
• Tree & shrub removal
• Seasonal cleanup
• Leaf removal
• Reel mowing
• Mulch & straw

Trees, Turfs & Shrubs

Using only environmentally sound methods, our lawn nutrition program enables you to surrounded by a balanced and beautiful environment all year round.

• Customised chemical programs
• Fertilisers
• Herbicides
• Fungicides
• Insecticides

Construction & Installation

Working closely with certified architects and other landscape professionals, specialised designs and construction plans are prepared before any plants are installed. Our selection of quality shrubs, tress, grasses and plants ensure long range return on your investment, easy to maintain and brings beauty to you home or business

• Landscape design
• Irrigation
• Drainage
• Retaining walls
• Grading
• Outdoor lighting
• Water features
• Natural stone features
• Walkways and paths
• Block works

Landscape Contractor Design Services Cost

A reasonable budget is essential to getting a quality landscape installation.  There aren’t many landscapers that would turn down a job, so it’s important to understand what you’re getting for your money before you sign on the dotted line.

Quality and craftsmanship command higher prices. GTG Groundworks values knowledge and experience. Our qualified staff possesses a unique blend of talents that can complete any project with exceptional results. They’re worth the price! Just knowing that your job will be done right, by qualified workers using quality materials, will reassure you that you’ve spent your money wisely.

Equally as important as the landscaping crews, are the resources behind them.
Our goal in business is to offer a valuable product at a fair price to you, our client. We’ll explain exactly what you’re paying for, and you’ll get what you pay for. With the integrity of our services, come higher visible costs. Our hourly labour rates cover our overhead and wages as in all businesses. Our materials are priced to cover their cost to us plus transportation to the job site.  Our equipment time is billed on a day rate (which includes delivery and maintenance).

In summary, all landscapers are not offering you the same product. As in most products you purchase, you usually get what you pay for.

To give you a price range for budgeting your landscaping would be a disservice.  Every project is unique.  We only encourage that you understand what you’re getting when you look at competing estimates. It’s always less expensive to have it done right the first time.

To enquire for pricing, get in touch with us today by calling our Lancaster office on 01524 587 620 or our Doncaster office on 01302 896 420.

From site work to custom brick and stone masonry, GTG Groundworks can install your project with its own talented artisans and quality landscaping equipment. Using our extensive knowledge of soils, plants, landscape materials, and construction techniques, we are well qualified for any size project. We employ all our resources to achieve the best possible results, no matter the scale.