Due to the potential hazard to pedestrians and to the vehicles, potholes may create serious liability issues in parking lot and roadway areas. Potholes should be repaired immediately before causing serious injury or damage as they can form in any season.

In order to eliminate any further damage, deterioration, liability, and pavement related headaches, road repairs are a cost-effective way.

To avoid unreasonable injury settlements, it is essential for pothole repair to take place before liability issues arise. GTG Groundworks proven technique of patching asphalt allows repair of such areas in a cost-effective way.

The Four Stages in the Pothole Repair Process

Stage One

The first stage involves the identification of failed, broken and liability areas as concerns that should be addressed.

Stage Two

In the second stage, jack-hammers and saw cuts are used to cut the areas square and further these areas are excavated to the aggregate sub-base.

Stage Three

The third stage involves the installation of asphalt at an average compact depth of three inches.

Stage Four

Finally, to improve bonding with the surrounding, existing asphalt edges are sealed with asphalt emulsion.

Hot or Cold Patching and Pothole Repair

As a well-established pothole repair company, we are aware of the fact that weather can wreak on our asphalt pavement. Almost all parts of England move from one weather extreme to another from season to season. When the need to repair the potholes arises or when there is the need for asphalt pavement patching customers often face issues while making their choice at the time of maintenance. There is an availability of both hot and cold patching.

Cold Patching

Cold patching is a quick temporary fix for a tough break. There is no need for cold patches to be heated or sustained at warm temperature. In fact, it is applied and heated at the current ambient temperature. These are used as pothole fillers and to repair cracks which run an excess of an inch wide, but it should be kept in mind that cold patching is not the permanent method of repair.

Hot Mix Patching

When it comes to pothole repair, hot mix patching is the best choice the you can make. To see you well in the long term, asphalt upkeep and maintenance hot mix is a permanent asphalt repair option. If the season is suitable, a hot mix is a final solution to pothole repair.

Making the Best Choice for Your Pothole Patching

Hot mix is recommended if you have the means and ability to make proper repairs on your business, personal or residential asphalt. The cold patch can get you by, but the hot mix is more durable in the long run. You will face the same problem or even worse with the passage of time if you choose to implement a quick fix. It is essential that you weigh your specific needs before choosing the option that is right.

Choose GTG Groundworks for pothole repair and patching where budget specific products and services are provided. No matter how big or small the budget, all clients are given equal preference and the work is completed up to perfection.

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