It is difficult to comprehend the scale of the devastation caused by the flooding that has affected so much of South Yorkshire, including our own home territory around Doncaster.

News reports suggest that more than 1,000 homes and businesses have been affected since the rain started on 7 November. Assuming two or three people in each house and perhaps dozens in each of those businesses, the impact on so many people’s lives is clearly huge.

In six days the rescuers pumped away 363,000,000 litres of water from the affected area, while home and business owners used more than 40,000 sandbags in an often vain attempt to keep the water at bay.

And long after the news crews have moved on to cover the next story, the people of Fishlake and many other areas will still be mopping up, throwing away formerly prized possessions, counting the cost and doing their best to rebuild their lives.

Here at Getting There Groundworks we are counting our blessings. Our base at Adwick le Street is a little over ten miles from Fishlake – just 23 minutes by road, according to an online map.

While we provide tarmacing and groundworks services across much of the UK, our heart is very much here in Doncaster and we are keen to do what we can to help those people affected by the flooding.

We have tracked vehicles and earth moving equipment that can be used to support home or business owners as they recover from this ordeal. It won’t solve the long-term problem, but it may help people to deal with the immediate impact of the flooding.

Call 01302 896420 – and if we can help, we will.

(Photograph from the BBC website)